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Kenshinkai is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Although we are a relatively new dojo, having celebrated our tenth year in 2012, we have  many dedicated members who are pursuing both their individual and common goals through the practice of Kendo. If you happen to be in New York, we would be very happy to have you visit us.

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Tsukioka-Sensei's Farewell Practice on September 22.
Tsukioka-sensei, thank you for visiting our dojo frequently. Good luck in Japan!
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2017 AUSKF 8-dan Tour

Kendo Seminar/Godo Keiko with Takahiro Nabeyama-sensei on September 12, 2017

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2017 Kenshinkai No Kendo Camp on August 26-27 ... See MoreSee Less

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Takayuki Tanaka-sense's last practice with New York Kenshinkai

Tanaka-sensei will return to Nagasaki, Japan, after two years and a half of his work assignment in New York.

Thanks for showing us your beautiful kendo and great spirits.
Good luck in Japan and see you again!
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Akira Azuma's last practice at NY KSK and NJ Kids. Akira will go to Japan to live there.

Thank you for being funny and showing us good spirits. We will miss you, but if we continue kendo, we can meet again and play kendo together.

Akira-kun, Chika-san,
Good Luck in Japan!
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