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Kenshinkai is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Although we are a relatively new dojo, having celebrated our tenth year in 2012, we have  many dedicated members who are pursuing both their individual and common goals through the practice of Kendo. If you happen to be in New York, we would be very happy to have you visit us.

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Akira Azuma's last practice at NY KSK and NJ Kids. Akira will go to Japan to live there.

Thank you for being funny and showing us good spirits. We will miss you, but if we continue kendo, we can meet again and play kendo together.

Akira-kun, Chika-san,
Good Luck in Japan!
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2017 All Eastern US Kendo Federation Tournament

KSK won the 1st place in men's team division, 1st place in both men's & women's individual divisions and got total 21 medals in the tournament.
Great results! Thanks to the members and family who came to the tournament and support the team and tournament.
2017年全東部米国連盟剣道大会にて、男子団体戦優勝、男女個人3段以上の部優勝をはじめ、合計19個のメダルを獲得しました。 選手の皆さん、おめでとうございます!応援、ヘルパーの皆さん、朝早くからサポートありがとうございました。

Tournament Results 試合結果

= Men's Team 男子団体戦=
1st Place 優勝 - Kenshinkai A team
Senpo - Tsunoda Yoichiro
Jiho - Kazuki Yamamoto
Chuken - Joshua Caroll
Fukusho - Donghun Lee
Taisho - Takayuki Fukui

3rd Place 3位 - Kenshinkai B team
Senpo - Junichi Kusakabe
Jiho - Joel Yun
Chuken - Nigel Suzuki-Alcorn
Fukusho - Tanaka Takayuki
Taisho - Kevin Yong

= Women's Team 女子団体戦=
3rd Place 3位 - Kenshinkai A team
Senpo - Masami Hamasaki
Chuken - Junko Winters
Taisho - Takeko Uemoto

= Men's Individual 3 dan and above 男子個人3段以上の部 =
1st Place 優勝 - Takayuki Fukui

= Women's Individual 3 dan and above 女子個人3段以上の部=
1st Place 優勝 - Junko Inoue-Winters
2nd Place 準優勝 - Masami Hamasaki
3rd Place 3位 - Takeko Uemoto
3rd place 3位 - Keiko Umemura

= Women's Kyu division 女子個人級の部=
3rd place 3位- Nicky Zhaomei Zheng
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Keio Academy of New York Kendo Club 25th Anniversary Tournament


Day 2 Team matches

High School Team Division
3rd place
- KSK A team - Dan Mori, Kokoro Sugiura, Kanna Sasho (Kyudokan)

Women's Team Division
3rd place - Mixed 2 - Yui Koyama, Hinako Yokohagi
3rd place - Mixed 4 - Kokoro Sugiura, Kanna Sasho (Kyudokan)

Men's 4 dan and above Team Division
3rd place - KSK team - Tsutomu Wada, Kazuki Yamamoto, Shinichiro Fukui
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Congratulations! おめでとう!
The 6th Garden State Kendo Tournament, Saturday, April 29, 2017
City Sports on 4
62 Rt-4, East Englewood, NJ 07631

Team 1st place - Kenshinkai A team
Senpo - Nigel Suzuki-Alcorn
Jiho - Kazuki Yamamoto
Chuken - Joshua Caroll
Fukusho - Shinichiro Fukui
Taisho - D. H. Lee

Team 2nd place - AEUSKF Taisho Yoichiro Tsunoda

Junior Youth, 1st place - Daniel Mori
Senior Youth, Fighting Spirit - Kokoro Sugiura
Women's Dan, 2nd place - Takeko Uemoto
Men's 4 Dan and above, 3rd place - Joshua Caroll
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