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Kenshinkai is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Although we are a relatively new dojo, having celebrated our tenth year in 2012, we have  many dedicated members who are pursuing both their individual and common goals through the practice of Kendo. If you happen to be in New York, we would be very happy to have you visit us.

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19th Annual Detroit Open Kendo Tournament, in Novi, MI


3 dan division
3rd place - Nigel Alcorn

Team division
3rd place - Kenshinkai A team

Kazuki Yamamoto
Tsunoda Yoichiro
Joshua Caroll
Nigel Alcorn
Koichiro Sudo
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We apologize for taking time to send out the information for our 15th Anniversary Celebration Events on March 4th & 5th.

Our anniversary kendo events have been scheduled for the above two days, including Kendo Seminars, Godo Keiko, and Team Tournament on Sunday in New Jersey.

We will welcome special guests, Yoshiteru Tagawa-sensei, Kendo Hanshi 8 dan, who is President of AUSKF and Toshiro Komeda-sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan, who teaches at well-known, Kyushu-Gakuin Junior/Senior High School in Kumamoto, Japan.

Our celebration dinner party will be in New Jersey on Saturday, March 4th.

Information package will be distributed this weekend.
We look forward to hearing from you for the events.

New York Keshinkai
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AEUSKF members:
The Junior Open National Championships and AUSKF National Championships will be held from June 22-25 in San Jose, California. We will be holding tryouts on Sunday, February 26 at GSK in New Jersey for divisions that require it. In order to determine this, we need you to respond via email to both and with the division you want to try out for, your current age, birthdate and rank. You must also be a current registered member of AUSKF/AEUSKF in good standing.
SPECIAL NOTE: Those 12-18 years of age are able to compete in both the Junior Open National Championships in your respective age category and also in the AUSKF National Championships in either the Junior or Senior Youth division.
Divisions for the Junior Open National Championships (Thursday, June 22)
9 years old and younger
10-11 years old
12-13 years old
14-15 years old
16-18 years old
13 and under girls
14-18 girls

2017 AUSKF National Championships (Friday, June 23-Sunday June 25)
Junior youth boys (12-15 years old): max 5 participants
Senior Youth boys (16-18 years old): max 5 participants
Junior youth girls (12-15 years old): max 5 participants
Senior Youth girls (16-18 years old): max 5 participants
Mudansha division (19 years old and up, 1-kyu and lower): max 5 participants
Seniors Division (50 years old and up, 3-dan and above): max 5 participants
For the AUSKF National Championships, age qualification is determined in two ways: Either your age as of January 1, 2017, or as of June 23. So for instance, if you are 18 on January 1, but turn 19 in February, you still qualify for senior youth. Or if you turn 16 before June 23, 2017, you would qualify as well.
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Happy New Year, 2017!

Kenshinkai was established in February 2002, and this year will be our 15th year. Kenshinkai is planning to have its 15th anniversary event on March 4th & 5th. Detail information and invitation to the event will be distributed to each dojo near future.
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2016 Kenshinkai Keiko Osame & Bonenkai
剣心会 2016年 稽古納め&忘年会
Thank you so much for your friendship throughout the year of 2016.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!
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