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Kenshinkai is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Although we are a relatively new dojo, having celebrated our tenth year in 2012, we have  many dedicated members who are pursuing both their individual and common goals through the practice of Kendo. If you happen to be in New York, we would be very happy to have you visit us.

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The 7th Garden State Kendo Tournament
April 28, 2018

Tournament Results of Kenshinkai Members

Congratulations! KSK members were placed in all divisions (no senior entry).

Team Division
1st Place - Kenshinkai A
Senpo - Yoichiro Tsunoda
Jiho - Kazuki Yamamoto
Chuken - Takayuki Fukui
Fukusho - Nigel Suzuki-Alcorn
Taisho - Shinichiro Fukui

Tournament MVP
Shinichiro Fukui

Individual Division
Men’s Kyu
3rd Place - Yoshihiro Sugiura

Men’s 1-2 dan
3rd Place - Eric Byun

Men’s 3 dan
2nd Place - Ryotaro Kunikawa

Men’s 4 dan
1st Place - Kazuki Yamamoto

Men’s 5 dan & above
3rd Place - Takayuki Fukui

Women’s Kyu
2nd Place - Hường Vu

Women’s 1 - 2 dan
3rd Place - Nagomi Sugiura

Women’s 3 dan and above
3rd Place - Yuko Fukui

Special thanks to Nobutaka Hiramoto-san for visiting the tournament site and supporting us with his spirits!
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2018 Keystone Goodwill Kendo Tournament Results

Congratulations to NJ Kendo Kids and NY Kenshinkai members!

Individual Divisions

Youth A
3rd Place Lynn Uemoto
3rd Place Ken Uemoto

Youth B
3rd Place Mahiro Minniefield

Youth C
Best Fighting Spirit Danial Mori

1-2 Kyu
3rd Place Yoshihiro Sugiura

3rd Place Takeko Umemoto

Junior Youth A (up to 10y old)
1st place
Ken Uemoto, Lynn Uemoto, Asa Douglas

Senior Youth (14 to 17y)
3rd place
Nagomi Sugiura, Kokoro Sugiura, Daniel Mori
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Special news.

Joshua Caroll sensei of Kenshinkai passed kendo 7 dan shinsa in Kyoto, Japan yesterday, April 30th.

Congratulations to Caroll sensei!!
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Hosted by New York Kenshinkai, Hanshi 8 dan, Toru Kamei-sensei’s Kendo Seminar in Englewood, NJ.

Thank you for your participation!
We are glad to learn kendo from Kamei-sensei.
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The 25th Annual Shidogakuin Tournament

Congratulations to the members!

It’s a little late announcement, but here is the results of the 25th Annual Shidogakuin Tournament, held in Rutgers University, NJ on March 4, 2018.

Individual Divisions:
- Up to 10 yrs old
2nd Place - Ken Uemoto

- 11 to 12 yrs old
3rd Place - Mahiro Minniefield
Fighting Spirit - Jesse Miller

- 13 to 15 yrs old
2nd Place - Daniel Mori
3rd Place - Hinako Yokohagi

Team Divisions:

Youth Team
2nd Place - KSK A team
Senpo: Mahiro Minniefield
Chuken: Hinako Yokohagi
Taisho: Daniel Mori
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